• I live in a cocoon of social making
    Peeping out at the world from behind a curtain.

    - Asha Hans (Hans & Patri, 2003: 5)

  • An environment enriched with love, care and learning will bring out
    the best in every child even if they are differently enabled.
  • Children do better,
    academically and socially in integrated settings.
  • All children have the right to
    learn together.

What is
Smart Edu Skills

SES is an organization which has drawn professionals from the field of education, psychology, management and defense services to provide education, rehabilitation and mainstreaming of children with special needs.

Objectives of
Smart Edu Skills

  • To create wholeness for children and youth through education.
  • To develop learning abilities of children so that they excel in all the fields.
  • To instill a spirit of comradery and understanding.

Education &

  • Inclusive School for children with special needs.
  • Clinical Services for children with special needs.
  • Remedial School for children with special needs.
  • Future Projects: National Open School & Centre For Vocational Studies.

Interactive Question and Answer Sessions

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