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Inclusive and Remedial School For Children With Special Needs

Multi – faced intervention is the launch pad to successful treatment of the various childhood disorders. It is well known fact that the age between 2 to 8 years are extremely critical from the developmental point of view. As the child gains more knowledge, experience and cognitive skills, he/she is also likely to face some common developmental obstacles like difficulties in self control, gross motor, fine motor and ADL Skills, speech and language acquisition. Thus academic, emotional, motor and behavioural problems in children are due to multiple predisposing causes ranging from neuro – developmental delays to dysfunctional family dynamics. Mostly the problems take the form of minor discrepancies between observed and expected development. These discrepancies usually appear as unusual behaviours due to sensory dysfunctions, poor co-ordination, perceptual distortions, short attention span, astereognosis, agnosias, lack of mastery of basic concepts and incomplete language development or behavioural problems such as hyperactivity, defiance, school refusal and so on. The founders of Project LAKSHYA setup an inclusive school with multi- disciplinary team – based unit for children with special needs during school time morning to afternoon and remedial centre in afternoon and evening for children with learning disability going to the regular schools. The experts are drawn from the field of Psychology, Special Education, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy. After a structured assessment in the areas of Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy ,Special Education and Psychology, an intervention plan is designed for each child with inputs from the experts in the team. Thus ensures a holistic approach is taken covering all aspects of development and behaviour. Along with remedial input, use of various skills like Story Telling and Role Play also helps in enhancing the abilities of the children with special needs, especially in the area of social interaction and behaviour.

Types of disabilities handled:
1. Learning disorders
    a. Listening and Oral Expression Disorder,
    b. Disorder of Reading (Dyslexia),
    c. Disorder of Written Expression (Dysgraphia)
    d. Mathematical Disabilities (Dyscalculia)
2. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
3. Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
4. Sensory Processing Disorders
5. Mental Retardation
6. Behaviour and Conduct Disorder
Clinical Services For Diagnosis and Home Management, for families of children with special needs

Families of children who find it difficult to bring their children every day to the remedial centre or the children who are going to the regular schools but require special inputs in terms of Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy with special emphasis on Sensory Integration, Learning, Language and Behavioural inputs, are helped in once a week or twice a week input sessions after a detailed clinical evaluation by a team of professionals. In our clinic not only children coming from Delhi and the NCR region are looked after but also those coming from other parts of India and also from countries like Kuwait, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Emphasis on children between the age of 2 to 6 years is given at our clinical set up at St. P.B.N Senior Secondary School, Gurgaon on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2pm to 6 pm. The service rendered includes:

1. Diagnostics
a. Evaluation
b. Psychological
c. Cognitive
d. Speech
e. Language
f. Occupational Therapy
g. Emphasis on sensory evaluation
h. Screening for behaviour and ADHD and emotional aspects.

2. Management
a. Sensory integration including providing sensory diet and turning into functional use to integrate.
b. Developing gross motor, fine motor and ADL skills.
c. Enhancing muscle strength and muscle tone.
d. Making children achieve milestones like sitting, standing, walking
e. Executive function building
f. Perceptual skill building
g. Early Intervention
h. Behaviour Modification
i. Preparing children for inclusive and mainstream
j. Curriculum and Pre- academic assessment and goal setting.

Awareness & Training
• Workshop For Teachers
o Identification of children with Learning Disability in class room situations.
o Classroom Management Techniques
o Behaviour Management Techniques
• Workshops For Students
o Study Management Techniques
o Managing Examination Stress
o Emotional Well being of the Children
o To Build Motivational Level In children
• Career Counselling

Interactive Question and Answer Sessions

Post your questions and our experts will answer.